What is happening in France?                                                                                France is a Republic of 68 millions inhabitants, extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rhine and from the Channel to the Mediterranean Sea. The French Republic is composed of 13 metropolitan regions (and 5 overseas).

The French Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (OFDT) reports that France has a high level of drug consumption among the youth. For cannabis the French market is one of the most important in Europe with 5 millions of users and a turnover of 1.2 billions of Euros. Is also noted an increasing of cocaine users. France is currently a transit center between Spain and The Netherlands and also due to the relation with the overseas production zones. Nevertheless, according OFDT, if 47,8% of the youth age 17 had used cannabis  in 2014, they are only 29,9% in 2022, a serious improvement!

This is why all the volunteers of Say No To Drugs France continue to be very active across the country to inform the youth and any people on the harming effects of the drug use. Their purpose is to educate them through the factual data of the booklets of the series The Truth About Drugs.

Among these volunteers can be found:
Alain, Anne, Bertille, Catherine, Cathy, Chantal, Christian, Claire, Dominique, Eric, Françoise, Fred, Gerard, IT-Audi, Jean, Jean-François, Jean-Pierre, Laetitia, Laurence, Marie-Claire, Martine, Maurice, Mona, Monique, Nadine, Patrick, Pierre, Regine, Robert, Ryan, Sylvain, Thibault, Vainui, Veronique, Victor, Vincent, …and many more.

These volunteers are actively found not only in the main cities of France but also in small towns and even villages, distributing their booklets either on a stand or handing them out to passers-by or getting the support of shop owners, from bakeries to super markets including pharmacies an driving-schools or doing lectures in schools, to name a few.

Thus, during one month time (mid-March to mid-April) they distributed at least 15,641 booklets or fliers in: Angers, Aubervilliers, Avignon, Bordeaux, Champeix, Chateaugay, Chatel-Guyon, Clermont-Ferrand, Domont, Epinay, Le-Cendre, Lyon, Marseille, Martres-de-Veyre, Ormesson, Paris, Pau, Plauzat, Pont-du-Chateau, in Pyrenees, Rennes, Riom, Roanne, St-Denis, Toulouse, Volvic, and certainly more.

And throughout their actions, they received encouragement from the parents, teachers, professionals, even from former addicts explaining how by ignorance they fell into the drug trap.

Discover more about the drug prevention in France by visiting: nonaladrogue.org and contact the team at: info@nonaladrogue.org

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