SNTD Madrid, Urban Violence & Education...

Nov 8, 2018 by

The Say No To Drugs team of Madrid was invited to participate to the Second World Forum on Urban Violence and Education for Coexistence and Peace (5-8 November 2018) . They delivered a lecture on drug prevention as a tool for reducing the violence and generating peace in the cities. The audience very interested by the subject, was composed of no less than 40 people coming from all ways of life, citizens, parents, officials  and representatives of the civil society. Drugs are more than just another social problem and now, the greatest toll is on young people. This Forum was a great opportunity for the lecturer to show to the public that the ignorance about what is a drug and how harmful drugs are, contributes to endanger the life not only of the individuals but...

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News from SNTD-Czech Republic

Oct 30, 2018 by

The Rekni Ne Drogam – Rekni Ano Zivotu  lecturer Lukas,  was invited by a school director of Klatovy to deliver a prevention lecture based on the campaign The Truth About Drugs to about 30 young children. The purpose was to empower them with factual and preventive information on the drugs, what they are and how harmful they could be for the individual and even worst in the case of the youth. The lecture was made in an interactive way by the trained lecturer and the Director, also concerned by the drug subject attended the lecture. At the end each child filled a survey and received informative booklets reminding factually the effects (short and long term) of the 10 drugs the most used.   The result was children very interested by the subject and amazingly attentive according to...

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EMCDDA: About the Captagon

Oct 29, 2018 by

News from EMCDDA .   To read the full report visit:

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SP.Valencia free of drugs

Oct 21, 2018 by

The Valencia Sin Drogas Educator (Spain) Alfredo had a very active lecturing month. This started with a drug prevention lecture in a school to 30 youngsters, providing them with the true facts on what drugs really are. And by raising the awareness on the harming effects of drugs the youth can now make an informed decision regarding using the drugs and in addition they will contribute to protect their family and friends. Another lecture was gathering a hundred of attendees representing no less than 15 Municipalities with a public representative of all ways of life such as politicians, educators, teachers, pedagogues, psychologists, public safety and health officers and more.                                                    ...

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Paris: Prevention for Health Protection...

Oct 20, 2018 by

The Say No To Drugs France team had been invited to held a booth about the danger of drug use at an Health Forum organized by the City Council of a Paris suburban city. This was a great opportunity for the team to meet with youngsters and adolescents, parents, teachers and educators from different associations and explain to them factually what is a drug, why and how it is easy to become a drug addict and then the subsequent destructive effects of the drugs on the individual and beyond that,  the problems they created in the family cell and indirectly at the societal levels. Thus more than 60 youth got the point on the harmful effects of drug use.  It was very interesting to note the great interest and attention shown by the youth...

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