News from Ireland

Août 17, 2019 by

At the occasion of the 9th show of the very popular pop-culture and fandom Comic Con Ireland 2019 event, hold on August 10th & 11th at the Convention Centre of Dublin, the Scientology Community Centre inspired by The Truth About Drugs campaign, launched its Comic Art Competition Project on the theme: Do Art, not Drugs. Comic Con at Convention Centre Dublin The purpose is to get the new Drug-Free Superheroe which will work together with their Wonder Woman, Spiderman and all people of good will to create a safe and sane environment! In one day, no less than 700 people toured the booth and got informative booklets on drugs. 150 artists interested by the competition signed up for the competition and another 200 youth will sign up online. The final result of the competition...

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A French Overview

Juil 30, 2019 by

Our Say No To Drugs (SNTD) French Teams, all volunteers, are in-charge of some 67 million of people living in 34,967 communes in France. They are currently located in Angers, Avignon, Bretagne (a region), Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Paris, Pyrenees (a region) and Toulouse. The Teams are distributing weekly more or less 9000 booklets, visiting 200 shops (any type of shops being bakery or chemist’s), and also doing drug prevention lectures wherever this is possible. Following the contacts made during their distributions, they also can have the opportunity to bring The Truth About Drugs to other countries. Indeed, very recently the French National SNTD In-Charge was invited in Congo to do a presentation of our drug prevention materials. And back in France she continued with informative lectures in a prestigious establishment of the “Compagnons...

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Forza No Alla Droga Italia !

Juil 24, 2019 by

On 18th July, the Italian drug prevention team of Dico No Alla Droga (Say No To Drugs) was collaborating with other sponsors to the organization of the 7th edition of the StraSanGiacomo Valenza Foot Race. This event under the patronage of the City of Valenza is part of an important patronal event and gathering some 600 participants who received the marijuana leaflet. A great race that was reported in many media and they did a gift of 1560 Euros to the firemen of Valenza. On 20th July, the association Dico No Alla Droga (Say No To Drugs), with the support of did an extensive distribution of some 10,000 booklets The Truth About Drugs during the Jova Beach Party. There were some 40,000 people spectators who attended this high level musical show gathering big...

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Drugs and the future

Juil 23, 2019 by

An article written by our colleague from Greece The United Nations have declared the 26th of June as the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Let us use this opportunity to reflect on an all so important obstacle that inhibits the well-being and possibly the very future survival of our societies: Drugs. Drug use has been tormenting human societies since ancient times. The problem is intensified in our days. One of the three major properties of drugs is that they are essentially Poisons. Definition: [Poison]. 1. Natural or artificially created substance that after it is introduced into a living organism it exerts a harmful effect or even causes death: Dangerous / strong / deadly ~. The ~ of the snake / of the spider / of the mushroom. 2. Every substance that causes harm...

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