It’s in the modernity issued from the great and wise ancient Greece that we find in this beautiful month of May, the team of Say No To Drugs Athens, delivering within a school an important presentation relating to the dangers inherent in the use of drugs.

The message, both educational and vital, was addressed to a very concerned public. They were mainly members of the students’ parents’ association, but also representatives of different hierarchies and schools. Among the guests was also the President of a group of Volunteer Rescuers.

Their interest in the subject of drugs was all the more legitimate as this establishment is close to a sensitive area where the drug circulates.
Following the conference and to answer the many questions about the action and harmfulness of drugs as well as what attitude to adopt to protect the children and how to inform them, 3 volunteers of the association Say no to drugs were present.

All the participants appreciated to receive booklets of the series La Verite sur la drogue, in order to have a support to discuss with their children and even for others to have arguments to deliver seminars on the subject.

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