France, Rugby and Drug Prevention


The volunteers of the Say No To Drugs France (SNTD) mobilized to participate in a context of drug prevention to these 2023 Rugby World Cup* that France is hosting for the 3rd time from 8 September to 28 October.

20 Rugby XV’s teams from around the world were set up to compete in 9 French towns from the Opening to the Finale, both taking place in the Stade de France (capacity of 80,000 seats), in St Denis (North of Paris).

The French SNTD volunteers were distributing their drug information booklets from the series The Truth About Drugs near the stadium entrances. The first week of the competition some 9,000 booklets were handed out to the supporters, fans and visitors. Many of them appreciated this action, including Security agents.

Despite the excitement of the moment, many interesting discussions started and several timely questions were answered on the spot.


And the last but not the least, for the first match right after the Opening on Friday, September 8th, in Stade de France (St Denis) the France team won against New Zealand by 27 to 13!

Discover more about the harming effects of drugs use on:     (20 languages)
Dites non à la drogue France is a non-benefit association. Any help is welcomed.

(*) About the Rugby World Cup 2023 visit:

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Foundation for a Drug-Free Europe was formed in March 2004 with the firm purpose of preventing and stopping debilitating drug use through educating non-users concerning the harmful effects that drugs can inflict upon the body, mind and personality, and by finding and directing existing users to programmes that can help them achieve comfortable abstinence for life.

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