A French Overview

Juil 30, 2019 by

Our Say No To Drugs (SNTD) French Teams, all volunteers, are in-charge of some 67 million of people living in 34,967 communes in France. They are currently located in Angers, Avignon, Bretagne (a region), Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Paris, Pyrenees (a region) and Toulouse. The Teams are distributing weekly more or less 9000 booklets, visiting 200 shops (any type of shops being bakery or chemist’s), and also doing drug prevention lectures wherever this is possible. Following the contacts made during their distributions, they also can have the opportunity to bring The Truth About Drugs to other countries. Indeed, very recently the French National SNTD In-Charge was invited in Congo to do a presentation of our drug prevention materials. And back in France she continued with informative lectures in a prestigious establishment of the “Compagnons...

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