France tackling the drug problem

Jan 28, 2020 by

The overall statistics of the 12 groups of French Say No To Drugs Team extending across all over the country from the French Brittany (North West) to Marseille-Nice (South-East) and Pyrenees in South-West show a serious increase. Indeed, in 2019, an amount of more than 464 800 booklets (see the graph) were put in the hands of the French population from the youth to the elderly. And I was told that this year 2020, they want to do even better!

More and more, the different groups are distributing the informative and educative materials not only in their city but they are extending their activities, visiting the little villages around which- as said a Doctor met on a stand- are now also becoming the preys of the drug dealers, propagating the harmful effects of the drug use.

The teams successfully distribute as drug prevention their informative booklets The Truth About Drugs in the streets, in any kind of shops and Supermarkets where they are always welcomed, and at the occasion of lectures they are doing to children in schools.

Some are saying the war on drugs was lost, but the evidence shows that a real preventive education on the drug matter will revert the trend.

Here after some illustrations of the SNTDs France actions across the country.