This happened on 16 October, in the center of the beautiful and historical city of Athens, on the famous Syntagma square (Constitution Square), located in front of the 19th century Old Royal Place, currently seat of the Greek Parliament.

The Athens’ Drug-Free Greece team of volunteers set up their booth, joining some 40 other great associations with their hundreds of volunteers, for the Celebration of the 17th Panhellenic Festival for Volunteering under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens.
Volunteering: Individual Responsibility – Collective Action was the message to invite the population to volunteering and selfless contribution to society and man.

The volunteers of Drug-Free Greece were very active to inform hundreds of visitors, being youth and adults interested to find more on the harmful effects of illicit drug use.

This way they distributed no less than 2000 booklets the Truth About Drugs to the public and even did an interview on the drug problem for an internet radio.

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