A 24h challenge to Say No To Drug


It’s in the frame of the 5th edition of the famous Run Mate by Core Lean -Leman Lake- (held on 23-24 September) for associations and enterprises that we found the 10 volunteers of the Say No To Drugs Switzerland (ADNAD) from Geneva and Lausanne.

There were 180 teams of 2 to 9 Mates, bringing excitement to the shores of Lake Geneva with some 2000 participants. Starting and arrival in Montreux, the 3rd town of the canton of Vaud, famous for its festivals. The runners had to cover 219 kms with 26 relays to permute, around the Leman Lake (rarely flat!) in a non-stop (day and night) style during +/- 24 hrs! The general purpose: to make a project broadly known. For the ADNAD Team this was: Say No To Drugs, Live a Healthy Life.

The runners were: Bertrand, William, Thomas, Johnny, Noah, Florian, Laurane, Philippe and Stephanie. The team driver, technician, dietetician and for the care, was Heloïse.
To the question Why is it important to you to run for ADNAD? The answers:
-Because even if it means running in circle for 24 hours, you might as well do it for a noble cause! And for the promotion of “good drugs” that are camaraderie, team spirit and a taste for effort!
-I found the cause noble and therefore rallied to it!
-Having been in drugs some 30 years ago I have spent my life fighting against this scourge.
-Knowing the damage it causes on the mind and body, I want to prevent other young people from falling into the trap as I did.
-I really like the idea of a healthy mind in a healthy body, so running 200 kms for such a cause was the best idea!
-It is an association that I have supported for many years and with which I share many values.
-Because it’s a worthwhile cause and it’s cool to put energy into a worthy goal.
-I think I’m not ready for this challenge that awaits us, but I’m really looking forward to this experience with my teammates. We all have really different levels, different lifestyles, different ages… It’s likely to be really 25 epic hours.
-Drugs, I know it’s not easy to get out of them. So you might as well never get in. I will be proud to be able to contribute to spreading the message of the association.
-My challenge: Driving a big motorhome during the 25 hours will be a real ordeal. And I have planned a contribution of t-shirts, spare parts and good food for the brave participants.

The ADNA Team did the run in 23hrs 45min on roads and tracks, with various ups and downs, with 26 relays and through sumptuous landscapes.   Well done mates!

Visit: www.nonaladrogue.ch


                                       Thank you for reading and support

Foundation for a Drug-Free Europe was formed in March 2004 with the firm purpose of preventing and stopping debilitating drug use through educating non-users concerning the harmful effects that drugs can inflict upon the body, mind and personality, and by finding and directing existing users to programmes that can help them achieve comfortable abstinence for life.

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