Recommendations of the Civil Society Forum on Drugs on the UNGASS outcome document

Oct 13, 2015 by

Introduction The Civil Society Forum on Drugs (CSF) is a broad platform for a structured dialogue between the European Commission and the European civil society which supports drug policy formulation and implementation through practical advice.2 For the period 2015-2018, the CSF is composed of 45 NGOs, networks, civil society organisations and grass-roots service providers from across Europe, representing a diversity of views on drug policy (see Annex 1 for a full list of members).

The latest meeting of the CSF took place on 5th and 6th October 2015, during which CSF members had an opportunity to discuss the key thematic areas that will be debated at the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on drugs in April 2016. On the basis of these discussions, this position paper offers a set of recommendations to the Horizontal Drugs Group (HDG) and EU institutions as a whole on what CSF members consider to be key priorities for the UNGASS outcome document.

This position paper is organised under headings reflecting the key thematic areas of the UNGASS, and includes a final section on civil society participation.