News from SNTD-Czech Republic

Oct 30, 2018 by

The Rekni Ne Drogam – Rekni Ano Zivotu  lecturer Lukas,  was invited by a school director of Klatovy to deliver a prevention lecture based on the campaign The Truth About Drugs to about 30 young children. The purpose was to empower them with factual and preventive information on the drugs, what they are and how harmful they could be for the individual and even worst in the case of the youth. The lecture was made in an interactive way by the trained lecturer and the Director, also concerned by the drug subject attended the lecture. At the end each child filled a survey and received informative booklets reminding factually the effects (short and long term) of the 10 drugs the most used.  

The result was children very interested by the subject and amazingly attentive according to their teacher. Director and teacher were very satisfied and thankful for the presentation. The Director will inform the Schools Department to have this lecture delivered in other schools as a preventive action.