Back in France, we found during February all our Say Yes To Life, Say No To Drugs volunteers, leaded by Catherine, relentlessly campaigning against the drug use, informing the parents and youth but also the teachers, associations, health practitioners and the shopkeepers in contact with the population. And when possible organizing lectures in associations, in schools, or for the general public.

Indeed, the prevention issue goes hand-in-hand with a series of activities that the volunteers are constantly trying to drive forward through raising the awareness and by providing educative materials from the series The Truth About Drugs.

These volunteers were active in: Paris, Marseille, St Laurent du Var, Angers, Cavaillon, St Denis, Piscop, Ions, in Brittany, Avignon, Verneuil, Epinay, Domont, Bordeaux, Bruniquel, Salon de Provence, Roanne, Arcachon, Breteuil, Francheville, Cintray, Bourt and Clermont-Ferrand,…

Holding booths or hand-by-hand, they distributed during the month no less than 10750 booklets and fliers and visited some 122 shops including pharmacies and supermarkets.

These volunteers who are: Alain, Anne, Chantal, Christian, Christine, Claire, Corinne, Dominique, Elisabeth, Emmanuelle, Fazia, Frederic, Gerard, (I-TV), Janie, Jean, Jean-Pierre, Jeremy, Josiane, Jonas, Katia, Maïna, Maeva, Marie, Marine, Martine, Maurice, Mona, Monique, Nadine, Olivier, Patrick, Pierre, Regine, Richard, Robert, Ryan, Thibault, and…

They were always warmly welcomed for their actions by all the public met, including former addicts who testified how the life without drugs is so beautiful instead “the slavery of the addiction”. Even some drug addicts were coming at the volunteers’ booths to congratulate them telling that “if they had known about they would never have started” by taking drugs and the “hell” they are passing through to try to stop !

Found more on:    A non-profit association.

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