10-21 June Cyclo-run 2019 For a Drug Free Czech Republic

Juin 14, 2019 by

The great annual cyclo-run for a Drug Free Czech Republic was launched on 10th of June in a great style. This action, covering thousands of kilometers across the country and 39 cities, is made possible thanks to the great contribution of their 100 sponsors and the dedication of the organizers.

After an introduction and presentation of the purpose of the event and of the cyclo-runners the cyclo-run started by a run across the city of Prague accompanied by some 350 youth and adults.

The runners will continue their road through the country visiting cities’ officials, doing lectures in schools, interviews with media, drug prevention booklets distributions, conferences and more. All this to bring to the youth and public at large the sad reality about what the drugs really are and how damaging are their effects.

More data on the next posting !