Geneva shopkeepers and SNTD

Mai 6, 2018 by

The Say No To Drugs Geneva Team went to do prevention information actions across the city and at Cornavin, the main railway station in Geneva.

They visited more than 100 shopkeepers and businesses, informing them that they could be a key relay point for reducing the drug demand and protect the population. When told about the importance of providing to their clients correct data on the harmful effects of drugs, they were eager to cooperate. Indeed, educating the parents is the first way to tackle the drug problem and to protect the children.

Thus, the team distributed 1600 booklets The Truth About Drugs, 150 flyers to order more booklets and 120 newscasts on drugs. Many additional requests were then received and a parent sent back an interesting testimony summing up their need of information on what drugs are and what they do:

« This booklet is excellent.

I was given one at the Cornavin station. My son read it. Congratulations for what you do.

I would like to get some others to give to my godchildren and nephews…. »

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