Geneva « out of the Hell »!

Juin 5, 2018 by

The Say No To Drugs team of Geneva held several booths and distributed about 5000 educative booklets The Truth About Alcohol and The Truth About Drugs informing on the harmful effects of drugs either in the shops or at the Cornavin station. In addition many flyers to order booklets were also distributed in letter boxes.

Their action is always successful not only with the youth eager to discover more about these substances but also with the parents and adults, to get data for their personal knowledge.

In many cases the volunteers had the youth, from 13 and 20 year old, coming back to the booth to get more booklets to distribute to their peers.

A young man in his thirties told about his personal drug story and how this was difficult and painful to get out the addiction. But now he said how he is pleased to enjoy again the true, real life, out of this hell.

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