Italy: 2nd Motorbike Rally-Iseo

Juin 10, 2019 by

Based on the success encountered last year, our colleagues from Dico No Alla Droga  launch on 30 June 2019 the 2nd edition of the Moto Raduno around the beautiful Lake Iseo.

The Lake Iseo with crystal clear water is located in the north of Lombardy near Brescia and Bergamo. It is surrounded by several medieval towns in an beautiful environment with lush green mountains. And to increase the pleasure of the ride, a road had been carved into the mountain enabling to circumnavigate the entire lake !

All the motorbike riders and lovers from Italy and anywhere from Europe or World are welcome!

Indeed last year more than a hundred riders participated and this was relayed on local TV, radio and newspapers. There were incredible machines, you even cannot think of.

                                                             So, Be There and enjoy the ride!

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