May 20th, Prague (Czech Republic) the Covid-19 pandemic prevention restrictions are still applied for the public area such as for schools, restaurants and de facto borders always closed. And the general sanity prevention rules to prevent the contamination are still in use across the country.

Nevertheless, a part of the Czech Anti-drug Team did not give up, aware of the importance of informing the youth and the public on the illicit drug use dangers. So, Vlastimil, Michaela and Stefania, with the needed protections, went out, in the streets and began to communicate with passers-by and distribute the informative booklets The Truth About Drugs.

Of course, people are still scared of Coronavirus pandemic, so they were not as supportive as usual of taking drug prevention materials because still in fear of being infected with the viral disease. But, the positive attitude of the team caused a breakthrough and the people were taking and starting reading the booklets on the spot. A thousand of booklets were handed-out to people this day.

A big victory for the Team was when a young person, about twenty years old, named Nicholas, met on the street, became passionate about their drug prevention education action and decided to become a drug education teacher. So, Nicholas will be trained to do lectures on the Truth About Drugs to be able to deliver them together with the Team in the schools of Prague.

P.S.: If you want to practice managing human emotions and reactions, if you like to help, do not hesitate and join the Czech Anti-drug Team because thousands of youngsters are waiting for the correct data on drugs.

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