Vienna.- The association Say No To Drugs Vienna ( Sag Nein Zu Drogen -SNZD) , one of the hundred members of the Foundation for a Drug Free Europe is holding events in different locations in the city of Vienna, well known as the City of Music but also for the quality of its life.
So, keeping a drug free society is an important goal which can be reached at individual and collective levels by raising the awareness of the youth, the parents and any adults on the harmful effects of drugs to keep a healthy and safe development of the children and teenagers.

On their booth, the volunteers broadly handing off the booklets The Truth About Drugs to the parents, the youth but also to the teachers and associations’ directors the volunteers are providing simple but effective information on the 14 most used drugs.

At each event, the SNZD volunteers team distribute about 1500 booklets The Truth About Drugs, providing also as needed to teachers, educators, members of institutions, a documentary DVD with video clips and testimonies and/or a Guide containing 19 lessons.

Successful locations are: in the center of Vienna, the first district, on Schwedenplatz , the Mill Tower, nearby the metro stations, places having a lot of passer-bys and visitors. The youngsters and adults were sometimes asked to express themselves about drug through paintings and writings. The people, including the police, were very appreciative of these actions.

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