ON August 1st, at Simmering, the Austrian organization “Sag Nein Zu Drogen – Say No to Drugs” (SNTD) continues to distribute information on The Truth About Drugs and doing a street painting action which is very popular.

The info tent had been visited by a young Turkish woman who wrote on the street panel: “No to Tildin”, which is a very serious drug. She lost a family member and a good friend because of that drug. It happened that she knows the organization Neubeginn (New start) which is a Green Crescent mentored private organization in Vienna helping the Turkish community with drug problems.

The SNTD Vienna V/President went to visit the Neubeginn President, a like-minded association very interested in assisting the Turkish community in Vienna, organizing events and doing drug counseling.

At the booth lot of agreement was gotten from the visitors, whether relatives of a drug victim, a pharmacist against substitution drugs, young people supporting prevention action and helping other friends to stay safe or shop owners taking booklets for their clients.

Thank you for your interest ! 

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