At the occasion of the 9th show of the very popular pop-culture and fandom Comic Con Ireland 2019 event, hold on August 10th & 11th at the Convention Centre of Dublin, the Scientology Community Centre inspired by The Truth About Drugs campaign, launched its Comic Art Competition Project on the theme: Do Art, not Drugs.

Comic Con at Convention Centre Dublin

The purpose is to get the new Drug-Free Superheroe which will work together with their Wonder Woman, Spiderman and all people of good will to create a safe and sane environment!

In one day, no less than 700 people toured the booth and got informative booklets on drugs. 150 artists interested by the competition signed up for the competition and another 200 youth will sign up online. The final result of the competition will be known in November.

Stay tuned to discover the 2019 Drug-Free Superheroe.

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