During the past years the team Say No to Drugs Zürich has been regularly organizing distributions in Zurich city, covering the famous and busy Bahnhofstrasse, as well as other less busy and less attractive areas of the city, but where the need for the truth about drugs is strong.

So, in support of the International Drug Control Conventions as well as the International human rights treaties and of the 2030 SDGs, ensuring human healthy lives and well-being for all; motivated by the imminent legalization of cannabis and by an increasing number of shops selling and promoting CBD-Cannabis, Say No to Drugs Zürich took part in a national campaign to get 1 million booklets distributed in Switzerland, making their presence known throughout the city, handing out the booklets and getting in communication with citizens, listening and sharing opinions, worries and ideas.

Students, who are preparing a paper or a lecture are grateful for the materials, as well as parents, friends, and sometimes people currently taking drugs, they are all interested in the booklets.

Once, a mother was very relieved to find The Truth on Ritalin. It acknowledged her suspicion and she then knew what she had to do with her son.

People working in youth welfare offices, in hospitals and in schools, and other people aware of the dangers of drugs are thankful that someone is doing something about it, offering some hope.

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