This is a rather new drug prevention team which started some half a year ago, with the firm determination to revert the drug scene in Dublin.

Dublin, is the capital, the largest and an historical city of the Republic of Ireland, located on the east coast at the mouth of the river Liffey. Dublin is renowned for its St Patrick’s Cathedral (1191), its Castle from the 13th century, its library, the bridges, the famous Guiness and a lot more.

Just to mention the 2 main achievements that the Dublin drug prevention team did in just a half year are:

1. They gave out more than 150 000 Truth About Drugs booklets mostly in Dublin in cooperation with over 300 local shops always welcoming the distributors and,

2. On the top of that 407 Police Stations out of the 564 of the city were visited and each of them was provided with a box of the Drug Free World drug prevention education materials.


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