In France, the drug prevention education was running well despite the mandatory confinment for the Corona Virus pandemic. Indeed, a volunteer of the Say No To Drugs France, Quentin, innovated a new way to inform the youth and the French public at large on the harmful effects of drug use. 
By preparing and broadly sharing easy to understand, not too long lectures (15-20 min) and using the social networks such as Youtube to propagate the data. Hereafter are the main title and the subjects of the different episodes done so far:
Title: The Drug in all its States
1: Practical Definition of Drug,
2: How Drugs Work,
3: Where Do the Drugs Go,
4: The Elimination Time of Drugs,
5: Effects on the Mind (part 1), 
6: Effects on the Mind(part 2).

The link:
The recording of the episodes…
And for the Episode #5:
             And probably more to come...

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