In the frame of the 26 June: The United Nations International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, the say No To Drug Belgium Team did an extensive prevention information anti-drug campaign throughout Belgium from 17 to 26 June bringing with their booklets The Truth About Drugs the right information on drugs, what they are and what they do. Thus,

-55,000 education booklets and flyers were distributed in Belgium, covering the Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels Capitale.

-The Team got the support of no less than 500 shopkeepers who were eager to participate to the campaign by providing the educative booklets to their clients.

-4 radios and 1 TV interviews were made, spreading the message: Inform the youth before the dealers do.

-Eight activities of group prevention were made, including a bike tour and a distribution at the seaside and 11 people did an individual booklet distribution in their respective area.

-More than two hundred of people signed the Pledge to have a drug free life.

-About 80 people toured the drug information panels during the Open Day of 26 June, getting the right data on the harmful effects of drugs.

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