As a reminder, the 20 November 2019 was the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child that had been the most worldwide signed convention and particularly by all the European countries, even if currently some seem to have forgotten they did! Indeed, remarkably, the article 33 of this Convention is cristal clear about the position and the responsibility of the States regarding the protection of the youth from the drugs.

In Czech Republic, the Say No To Drug Team of 5 volunteers started the New Year 2020 by a drug prevention action in the city of Prague, with a stand held in front of the shopping Center Novy Smichov.

Then, the team resumed again their successful action to educate the chidren and youth on what are the drugs, including alcohol and why the drugs are harmful. The first event of this type was done in Tabor (Metska knihovna) and the lecturer had been impressed by the active participation and interest displayed by the youth for the subject.

They continued by 2 lectures of 2 hours each given in 2 schools of ZS Stary Plzenec, gathering some 120 students who were not only attentive but going deep in the undertstanding of the subject with pertinent questions.

Each time, all the youth receive anti-drug booklets so they have materials they can refer too afterward.

For this month of January, 1730 booklets were distributed to the public in the street and to the children.

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