September in France


In France, led by the Association No to drugs, Yes to life (located in Paris), all the Say No To Drugs (SNTD) were very active across the country despite the fluctuations of the sanitary regulations to which they always strictly abide.

From metropoles, cities, towns, villages, under the sun, rain or wind, whether they were 10 or sometimes one person, the volunteers took their drug information mission to heart: Bringing the Truth about Drugs to France!

This way, they were found in Paris (including the suburban areas), Lyon, Marseille, Nice, but also Clermont-Ferrand, Angers, Auray, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Brioude, Montauban, Vichy, Pleneuf-Val-Andre, St Gervais, Pontaumur, St Germain-Lembron, Agen, Brassac-les-Mines, Ste Florine, Charbonnier-les-Mines, and many more…

They were distributing their booklets The Truth About Drugs in streets, parks, markets, handing them or placing them in all types of shops including pharmacies and medical offices.

Everywhere they were always welcomed and encouraged to continue their “needed” drug prevention action.

And for this month of September, the volunteers distributed no less than 22,980 booklets across the country!

In addition the national Association is also in relation with the Congo Kinshasa. And they have over there a coordinator very active, distributing the materials but also doing conferences to students, media, TV interviews (here after on Educ TV), always with the key purpose to fill the vacuum on what drugs really are so that the informed youth and people will responsibly decide to stay away from their harmful effects.

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Foundation for a Drug-Free Europe was formed in March 2004 with the firm purpose of preventing and stopping debilitating drug use through educating non-users concerning the harmful effects that drugs can inflict upon the body, mind and personality, and by finding and directing existing users to programmes that can help them achieve comfortable abstinence for life.

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