The Responsible of the Say No To Drug Team of Brussels, Julie, had been invited by Radio Panik (105.4 MHZ FM) in the frame of the International Day of the Woman, to do a presentation on the very topical issue of the drug. The interview lasted about 15 minutes and was kindly led by the host Oncle Kinch. This was about the purpose of the association, what is a drug? and the educative tools used for the prevention.

« Say NO to drugs Belgium »

An association that provides young people and adults with factual information about drugs so that they can make an informed decision to lead a drug-free life. No one, especially not a teenager, likes to be taught or told what to do. Thus, we provide the facts that allow young people to choose not to take drugs in the first place.

Then, the Say No To Drug Team of Brussels went on the Place Ste Catherine to visit the shopkeepers and cafés. They met about 23 owners and leave to them some 400 booklets on The Truth About Drugs for their clients. A volunteer had been agreeably surprised when a barman told her that « there is currently too much drug circulating and the people are also drinking too much alcoholic beverage ».

Overall, there was a consensus from the shopkeepers regarding the fact that the drugs are all harmful substances !

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